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ProTec Testimonials

I’ve been a fanatic about Protec Sealant and Polish for over 20 years. In my experience in boating going back over 40 years, there is no better group of products to keep your boat, truck and other fiberglass assets looking new. My “WOW” experience with ProTec came when I had just purchased a new, WHITE BassCat Pantera III. As soon as I got her home, I washed her with ProTec Wash N Gloss and applied two coats of Sealant/Polish. On my return from my first trip to the lake, I unknowingly drove through an area of fresh road tar. I had to leave for a 7 day business trip the next morning, and when I got home I discovered a white boat with specks of road tar down both sides. I panicked, and had no idea how to get it off. I started with a bucket of very hot water and a strong dose of Wash N Gloss. To my amazement, the tar specks washed off completely. Thanks to the gelcoat sealing properties of the Sealant/Polish, the tar was unable to gain a foothold in the gelcoat. After about an hour of hard washing, and a re application of Protec Sealant/Polish, my white BassCat looked showroom new. I was sold then, in 2000, and now 13 years later, I’m still sold. Nothing but Protec for my BassCats.

Mike Whitten, Germantown, TN


Outstanding product, easy to apply and remove. Stays on the boat for-ever, even in the Chatahoochie River. Make the dirt slide right off when washing with the Wash and Gloss.

Anthony Hampton, Kennesaw, Ga


I finally used Pro Tec Sealant Polish on My Ranger. This is absolutely the easiest polish to apply. It gives the boat the slickest finish have ever felt, better then new. I will use the Sealent Polish and the Wash and Gloss on my truck so it too will look as good as my boat. Thank You Pro Tec!

Mike Payne, Delta Airlines


Joe convinced me to try Pro Tec sealent polish on my Volkswagon Golf "R". understand this car is my baby, after using this product for the first time I am "HOOKED" it made my car look better than the day I picked it up from the dealer. Any road grime washes off with just a hose. I drive about 250 miles round trip every weekend and i believe this will keep the finish on my car looking like new. Excellent product!

Thanks Joe.
Dory Ranew, Savannah, Ga.


This came from Mini on BBC----

A sealer is a much better choice on glass than wax for many microscopic reasons. Gel coat is porous, lots of little imperfections or voids. This is why a barrier paint needs to be applied to boats that are stored in the water for months at a time. If there was no barrier, the gel would actually become water logged and the heating a cooling of it will make the gel blister (like the area of the boat that sits on wet bunks). When gel oxidizes these "holes" or imperfections become bigger and deeper causing a dull effect. Wax covers them but does not penetrate the small imperfections well but leaves a pocket of air between the wax and low spots in the glass. This will allow the oxidation to continue. A sealer provides a barrier between the environment and the gelcoat, cutting off the chemical reaction which creates oxidation. Because it fills in the surface so well, a sealer can provide a brighter shine than wax. Sealers also provide a much harder surface than wax, so they last much longer and don't require frequent maintenance. Some people will wax over a sealer to get the beading effect. That effect while popular with most people is not the best thing for your boat and definately not good for the hull (running surface) as the wax adds friction to the surface (thats why water beads up). If you wax the running surface of your boat (the pad especially on a bass boat) your boat will actually slow down. If you dont believe it, try the old spoon test. Take a glass of water and try to set the back of a spoon on top of the waters surface. An untreated spoon will drop easily into the water. Now apply a coat of wax to the back of the spoon and repeat the test. You will notice that the spoon will actually "rest" on top of the water because the wax is creating a surface friction that allows the spoon to "grab" the top layer of the water. So while wax may feel "slippery" to the human hand or a towel that us run across the surface, it will be the opposite with water. Most sealers are made of similar materials as the gel but in a diluted form. It will bond better with the polyester resin in gel and give the surface a much harder coat than wax, thereby allowing water to move over it easier without "micro-turbulence".