Q – What will keep the sun from harming the paint on new boats, autos and RVs?
A – Two things cause the finish to fade, harmful UV Rays & Oxygen getting into the surface. Sealant Polish stops both of these from happening. It does so by sealing the surface to keep oxygen from entering and it offers terrific UV protection.

Q – How long does it last ?
A –Sealant Polish lasts approximately 6 months depending on weather conditions and use.

Nu-Paint Moisturizer

Q – If my finish is faded and dull, how do I restore it?
A – Nu-Paint Moisturizer will remove fading and oxidation by following the simple directions on the bottle. Follow-up by applying Sealant Polish to prevent fading from occurring again.

Q – Do I need a Buffer?
A – For slight fading no. However, if fading is more severe, or for cleaning a large area, buffing takes all the work out of it.

Showroom Conditioner

Q – I always wipe my boat down when I bring it out of the water.
Do you have anything that will help me?
A – Yes, Showroom Conditioner is a spray-on wipe-off detailer. It breaks static electricity down to prevent road grime & dust particles from sticking to boat. Works on Chrome, Rubber, Plastic and Fiberglass.

Vinyl Sealant
Q – What should I use on my interior?
A –
Vinyl Sealant will protect and seal dash boards and seats from cracking and splitting due to harsh UV rays. It will make the interior look new and offer great UV protection.

Wash & Gloss
Q – What should I wash my boat with?
A –
We recommend Wash & Gloss. It is specially formulated to give protection & it won’t remove the Sealant Polish protection.

Q – What should I use to clean Mildew off of my seats?
A –
Mighty-Tuff will remove Surface Mildew. Along with Carpet stains and other tough stains you might have. It is concentrated so – Follow instructions on Bottle.

Q – If I already have wax on my boat, should I remove it before applying sealant polish?
A –
Yes, you would be better off removing the wax and that can be accomplished with Mighty Tuff at a 7 to 1 dillution rate or ammonia and dish soap will remove wax.

Q – Keep Alive has stained my live well. How do I clean it?
A –
Mighty Tuff will remove the stain and leave your live well snow white. Be sure to rinse well after use.