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  • Pro-Tec Care Kit

    Boat Auto RV Care Kit

    The perfect kit for your boat, auto, and r.v.'s to keep them looking new and protect your investment. The waterproof bag makes it all convenient.

  • Tire Shield

    Tire Shield

    Penetrates the tires surface for a long lasting shine. Use on your Truck, trailer tires, RV tires and automobile tires. Anti static feature resists dust and road grime. The water rolls off the tires without removing the Tire Shield.
  • Sealant Polish

    Sealant Polish

    Actually Seals the Surface to protect it from pollutants, harsh weather, sun glare,UV Rays and saltwater. Easy to apply, leaves a high gloss shine.
  • Pro Tec Mighty Tuff

    Mighty Tuff

    Will not harm carpet or fabric. Great for cleaning vinyl, plastic and rubber. Multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser. Removes blood, coffee, grease and fish formulas.
  • Nu Paint Moisturizer

    Nu-Paint Moisturizer

    Tested and proven for old or heavily oxidized boats cars or RV's. Restores color and removes oxidation.
  • Pro-Tec Vinyl Sealant

    Pro-Tec Vinyl Sealant

    Long-lasting VINYL SEALANT is like none other with a sun screen agent and new antifriction agent. Restores color and luster to vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber.
  • Pro-Tec Wash and Gloss

    Pro-Tec Wash and Gloss

    Cleans fiberglass and painted surfaces leaving a microscopic film of protection, enhances shine and repels water.
  • Showroom Conditioner

    Showroom Conditioner

    Cleans, polishes and enhances the luster on paint, glass, chrome, rubber, Plexiglas, and fiberglass. Neutralizes static electricity so dust will not stick to surface. 16 FL. OZ.
  • Water Spot Remover

    Water Spot Remover

    16 oz. Hard water descaler water spot remover.
    Removes water spots from engine cowlings.
  • Economy High Speed Buffer

    Economy High Speed Buffer

    MTN7136a Mountain
    7" Electric Polisher
    Features and Benefits:
    •Variable speed 0-3,000 RPM
    •7" Polishing pad
    •D handle for superior operator control
    •Excellent performance on all types of clear coats
    •Powerful 11 amp motor
    A high performance 7" electric polisher with a powerful 11 amp motor. Variable speed for maximum control and performance.
    1 year warranty on material and workmanship.
  • High Speed Buffer

    High Speed Buffer

    Dewalt DWT849
    The Dewalt 7"/9" Variable Speed Polisher with variable speed features a powerful 12.0 Amp construction designed to handle a wide variety of polishing needs. A large spindle lock makes switching out backing plates a breeze.
    •12.0 Amps
    •All ball-bearing consttruction for long life and performance for the most demanding applications
    •Electronic module maintains specified speed under load for better finish results
    •Variable speed trigger gives the user control over the polisher speed from zero to the dialed maximum setting
    •Gears are made of heat-treated, precision-cut steel
    •External brush caps for easy servicing
    1 year warranty